Monday, December 30, 2013

Build Me Up Buttercup

I have very vivid memories associated with this song. My daughter couldn't have been more than about 2 weeks old at the time. My husband was holding her on his shoulder and dancing with her to this song, singing it to her.

There have been repeats of this scene over the years, as she grew, too numerous to count. The 2 of them dancing together and him singing this song to her.

This is their song. This has always been their song, and it will probably be the one they dance to at her wedding, when she finally decides to get married. No other song could possibly be an appropriate substitute.

I put this on his MP3 player that I gave him for Giftmas this year. My father also recently gave me a set of speakers that I let him have, which we hooked up to his MP3 player when I gave it to him.

My daughter and her boyfriend were here at the time.We were all in the kitchen talking and suddenly my daughter told everyone to shut up. This song had come on.

And the 2 of them danced around the kitchen together, with him singing it to her. And at that moment there was no such thing as time. The past and the present became one. She was both 2 weeks old and 27 and the room was both our current kitchen and the living room of our old apartment.

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